Frequently Asked Questions

What is post frame construction?

In post frame construction, posts are used for the wall, foundation and roof support structure. This provides superior structural strength because the posts support and tie together the entire structure. This also allows for greater flexibility in door and window placement. Post Frame construction was once more commonly known as “pole barns”. Today SRBC post frame systems use the most modern technologies resulting in the most cost effective and competent method for today’s building requirements.

Can SRBC’s main office provide a price for me?

Yes, SRBC will provide a price directly to the customer via phone, in person or email.

Can I custom design my own post frame structure?

Yes, all of SRBC’s buildings are custom designed. We do recommend that you consult with your SRBC representative throughout your design process.

Is post frame construction more economical to build than other type building systems?

Post Frame Construction is a faster, more efficient method of building which reduces costs but does not compromise structural integrity or quality.

Do you sell nationwide?

SRBC has a network of many dealers in many states. You are welcome to contact a local dealer or contact the corporate office to assist you with your building questions and ordering.

What is SRBC’s manufacturer’s warranty?

SRBC’s warranty on their post frame structure is a standard 1 year warranty on materials and workmanship. Additionally there are warranties available from the metal and lumber manufacturers.

What are the available colors?

SRBC’s metal panels come in 20 colors in 29 gauge and 17 colors in 26 gauge.

What is the time frame for SRBC’s buildings once it is ordered until the actual construction begins?

Typically SRBC operates on a 14-21 day timeframe from time of order to beginning of construction.

How long does it take to construct a SRBC building once the materials on the job site?

Length of construction on each building is determined by the amount of customization. Each post frame structure is different. Ask your SRBC representative to find out the approximate length of construction for your custom designed building

Is post frame construction a safe way to build?

Yes, post frame buildings offer exceptional integrity and are superior in strength to other building systems.